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Our Services

Ensuring Your financial picture is in focus

Well organized financial records and plans allow you to prioritize other strategic business areas and focus on your goals.

Sims & Company will be a valuable part of your strategic team. Combining the heart of a small, relationship-based firm with the smarts and knowledge of a large financial services company, we help you succeed in whatever way you need, however we can.

You will be supported by our team of expert advisors and their full range of knowledge and experience. With an entrepreneurial mindset and a proactive, collaborative approach that goes beyond the numbers, our goal is to add value and support you through each stage of your professional and personal journey.

Our Professional Services

Assurance & Accounting

Confidence in your financial information


Get a clear picture of your tax position


Tailored guidance with a trusted advisor

Our Approach

Our knowledgeable certified public accountants (CPAs) and advisors know that your financial needs require more than a one-size-fits-all approach. We listening, learn, then tailor our services to your unique operational needs and business objectives. Here are some of the ways we work with you.

We take time to get a thorough understanding of your business, how it operates and what you are looking to achieve. The more information in-hand, the better prepared we can be to help you thrive and succeed.
We review and assess your current financial situation, go through your books, records and any other relevant documentation, and interview relevant staff to get an accurate picture of your financial position.
After we have a clear sense of how your business is organized, and what you require we create a roadmap to increase value and seek opportunities for financial gains which gets reviewed on a regular basis.
As your advisors, we are in an ideal position to monitor progress, identify new potential directions, provide practical and proactive advice on factors affecting your business. We become your trusted partners.